Professor Justin Revenaugh

Justin uses earthquake waves to image deep Earth structure. The tools he uses are derived from techniques pioneered in the oil industry and designed to detect and characterize abrupt variations in material properties, such as discontinuities associated with phase changes, scatterers created by faulting and jointing of the crust, and slab dregs near the core-mantle boundary.  Justin is currently serving as Chair of the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

Associate Professor Maximiliano Bezada

Max has been with the department since 2014. His primary research interests include subduction processes and the creation, destruction and modification of the continental lithosphere, as well as deep seismicity and intracontinental seismicity. He approaches these problems primarily through imaging of seismic velocity, anisotropy and attenuation structure.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Zhengyang Zhou

Zhengyang Zhou has been with the department since January 2023 after getting his PhD at Washington University, St. Louis. He currently works with Max Bezada on seismic attenuation imaging and intracontinental deformation. Current geographic focus areas include the British Isles, Alaska and Antarctica.

Graduate Students

Rebeca Oliveira

Rebeca is a PhD student working on intracontinental seismic structure. She is studying how seismic velocity and seismic attenuation in the continental lithosphere relate to deformation, magmatism and glacial isostatic adjustment. Her geopgraphic focus areas are the Snake River Plain region, the U.S. upper midwest and southern Brazil.

Friends of the Seismology Lab

Aaron Hirsch

Formerly a postdoc in the seismology group, Aaron is now the lead geophysicist at the Minnesota Geological Survey where he oversees acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic and potential field data. 

Former Group Members

Sarah Kowalke, M. Sc.

Jackie Smale, undergrad researcher, went on to get her Masters at the University of Calgary and is currently a software developer at the Alaska Satellite Facility

Kush Maheshwari, high school researcher, went on to U. C. Berkeley and is currently in a PhD program studying plasma physics at Princeton.

Meng Sun, Finished her PhD in 2021, now works in the tech sector (most recently at Amazon).

Hwaju Lee, Finished her PhD in 2022, is currently a postdoc at Seoul National University in Korea.

Zhao Zhu, Finished his PhD in 2022, now works in the tech sector (most recently at Meta).

Ozan Karayazi, Finished his MSc in 2022, currently works in the mining sector in Turkiye.

Bill Tate, Finished his MSc in 2023.